Saturday, September 29, 2012


This was the first greek food we tried in Edmonton, as we had stayed away from the "Fast Food Donair" style places for pure horror at the "meat" hanging in the windows! 

Koutouki has an interesting decor with a ceiling of fairy lights and vines. It does feel very homey and although I don't know how they do it the vines are not dusty at all. 

There was a belly dancer in the long dining room and she was rattling away with bells on her arms and legs. We strategically sat our selves away from her for fear of her dancing up to our table! 

We ordered the usual suspects of Saganaki, Lamb and veggies, Tzatiki and pita and of course a greek salad. Everything was very tasty although a bit more oily then I would have liked. Coming from Australia we can't be too critical of the lamb as we are in Canada the beef capital, however it was quite nice, if not a bit fatty. 

The wait staff were friendly and very helpful. They suggested a lovely white wine that complimented the meal well and everything was brought out quickly and in the correct order, which is actually kind of rare these days. 

As this is a bit further away from our house and there are a few other good Greek Restaurants near our house (Ousia and Oil Lamp) we probably would only come back here if we were in the neighbourhood. I hear there is another Koutouki down the university end of Whyte Ave, so we might give that one a go one day too. 

All in all a nice meal and good service. If you are nearby and feel like Greek food you won't be disappointment. 

Food Quality and Taste = 7.5 out of 10
Service and Atmosphere = 8.5 out of 10

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