Sunday, November 11, 2012


IKEA Breakfast Buffet

You get what you pay for. $5 for these two "meals"...and I would rather just have toast at home. I've never been to prison but I imagine this is what the food would taste like. Scrambled eggs full of water, dry pancakes, soggy french toast, I think the bacon wasn't cooked but dyhydrated in a science lab somewhere? As there is no service, it's a get your own forks put away your own dishes place, I have to score 0 out of 10 for service. The servers actually dishing up the gruel and taking your money are clueless, I'm not sure if they spoke English because nobody spoke to us. For atmosphere I give it a 1 because at least their were chairs there. The 1 point for food is for the potatoes, apparently they were ok. I'd pay an extra $2 and go to A&W next time for an edible eggs and bacon. 

Food quality and taste = 1 out of 10
Service and atmosphere = 0 out of 10

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