Saturday, February 3, 2007

New Tenancy Applications

Welcome to 2007. This year I hope to give helpful advice on how to rent and buy property in Melbourne today for younger people. From what the first homebuyers grant is all about to your rights as a tenant.

This month is busy for starting new leases. As students leave and graduate January through to March sees a large ‘swap’ in tenancies. This can be good for new tenants as there can be a lot of properties available but bad at the same time as there are also a lot of people trying to rent them! To help you get the property you want follow these four tips:

Send in a good application:
To be good it must be COMPLETE with all names, phone numbers and 100 points of identification (eg. A passport, current visa, medicare card, drivers licence and a bill equals 100 points) also, make sure you sign where necessary.

Afford the property:
Make it look like you can afford the property. If you have a healthy salary show it with pay slips, (eg After tax weekly earnings of at least double the weekly rent.),
if not show a healthy bank statement (eg minimum of 3- 6 months rent). If you don’t have either put a parent as a guarantor or on the lease with you.

Look good/Be prepared:
Be polite and well dressed when you go to see properties and talk on the phone. Often receptionists will be the ones checking your application and recommending you to the property managers. Most agencies when you borrow keys to inspect properties require a $50 cash deposit and photo id, be prepared and have them on you before you get there.

Know the availability:
Ring the agent and ask when the property is available to inspect and when they want someone moved in by. Most landlords will not be flexible on the move in date by more then 1-2 weeks. If you put in a good application some agencies will let you view the property up to 14 days before the advertised availability date.

Good luck!